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3Department of Agricultural chemistry was established in 1965. Presently it is the most popular departments in this university owing to have high demand of its graduates in the public and private sectors. It provides degrees at B.Sc. (Ag.) (Hons), MS and PhD levels. The department on one hand has got highly qualified faculty, rich of knowledge and innovative ideas and on the other hand, fresh young commendable lecturers always ready for undertaking hard mental and physical work. The department is very attractive for talented students and enrollment is increasing year after year. The department curriculum and research goals are the main attractions for student interest.

The major courses taught in the Department include Chemistry of Fertilizer and Radio Tracer Technique, Agro-industrial Chemistry, Instrumental Method of Analysis, Colloid Chemistry in Relation to Plant Nutrition, Analysis of Fertilizer, Pesticide Plant, Soil and Water; Chemistry of Pesticide, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry of Manures and Fertilizer, Chemistry of Plant Products, Formulation and Safety of Agro-chemicals, Mineral Nutrition, Irrigation Water Quality, Chemistry of Food Adulteration, Research Methodology for Agricultural Chemistry etc.

The department has well equipped laboratories in the areas of Soil Chemistry & Fertility, Environmental Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Sophisticated equipments like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer , Flame Emission Photometer, Macro Kjeldahl Unit are available in the laboratories.