Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahmed


VC Sir-PP Size Picture Message from Hon'ble VC It’s of my immense pleasure to know that the department of Agricultural chemistry, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SBAU) has come up with it’s official website. Welcome you all to the magnificent arena of this department with exclusive features & opportunities. The department of Agricultural chemistry, from the very beginning of journey in 1965 is still been the most prominent department of the university for high demand of its graduates in both public and private sectors. A good number of hardworking teachers with a group of extremely brilliant students are relentlessly conducting researches and experiments that directed towards the plant response in relation to fertilizers & nutrients management, chemical composition & its effect on quality of crop yield. From now this website of “Department of Agricultural chemistry” can help in providing its user with the latest information related to what they stand for, what they offer and how they operate their academic and research arena. Also the technological soundness & joint research activities can be bridged between inter-departments in a progressive manner. This fore sighting approach of the department will help to make significant progress towards commencing collaborative research programs with other Agricultural universities and research organizations around the world. I believe you will enjoy browsing through this website and use these information available on it in productive manner as per your requirement and expectation. Vice-Chancellor, .