Hon’ble Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Md. Sekender Ali


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Words from Pro-Vice Chancellor
To keep abreast with the advancement in worldwide education & research activities, now-a-days web access is a must in view of exchanging information and research findings for the goodwill of global learners. It is to me a news of great pleasure to know that the department of Agricultural chemistry, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University has started its sharing of progressive education & research activities through their official website. Now both students, teachers and of course visitors of this site will get enormous news, knowledge & regularly updated information regarding the department. My warm appreciation is for the best of their journey.

The department of Agricultural chemistry in Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University is one of the lead functioning department for its mark of magnificent progress in both academic and research arena. The department on one hand has got highly qualified faculty, rich of knowledge and innovative ideas and on the other hand, fresh young commendable lecturers always ready for undertaking hard mental and physical work. The department is very attractive for its students of versatile intelligence.
Prior to this, I am glad to mention that whoever visits this website will get all the information as a whole what they looking for and that will certainly help you to make the right choice of your own. Now the department can keep in touch with kind of flexibility through this website to integrate the latest scientific advancement in order to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Hoping all their endeavors have, thus, will direct to awake the vigor and vitality of Bangladesh agriculture. Let’s begin your browsing to discover the department for yourself, explore the available opportunities to develop your potentials and grip your dreams.
Pro-Vice Chancellor,