Chairman, Agricultural Chemistry Department: Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam Khan



Words from Chairman, AgricuItural Chemistry Department:

It is my pleasure to introduce me as the chairman of the department of Agricultural Chemistry. It is indeed a potential multi-disciplinary field. Due to its name, the department has a large scope to work with the different branches of chemistry to improve not only the quantity but also the quality of various agricultural research. Currently our department offer courses that includes mainly fertilizer technology and pesticide chemistry. The other minor parts that also teach by the faculty members of the department includes environmental chemistry, nuclear chemistry, colloid chemistry, biogas production and processing and production of some industrial crops such as tea, rubber, sugarcane. The department have the analytical facilities to quantify essential plant nutrients. An atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AASP) has also purchased jointly with another department last year. Furthermore, recently the department have got a gas chromatography (GC), rotary evaporator and some other essential equipments with the help of a World Bank funded sub-project: CP 3645, AIF(3), HEQEP, UGC. Together with all of these facilities I believe in near future the department will able to facilitate our students to conduct more quality researches from our campus. The department also have strong interest to work with the food safety, food toxicology and risk assessment related issues and looking for suitable collaboration with foreign universities and institutes.

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